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Video Door Phone service in chandigarh

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The called that are being made the entrance of any complex which is in a resident.The called that are being made the entrance of any complex which is in a resident. The main advantage of this system is that it provides a visual confirmation of the person standing outside the door. The person inside can identify and authorise the person to come inside or not. A simple conversation can take place over the phone from inside the house rather than calling a person in. Video door phone services in Chandigarh provides the similar services that are mentioned above.


There are two different panels in a video door phone. One panel is the inside panel which is operated by the user inside the house or complex. The other is outside panel which is used by a visitor who comes to visit the house of the complex. The inside is equipped with a video and audio call assistance from the outside panel. Same is weather outside a panel linked with the inside. By this video and audio assistance, a person standing inside the house or complex can verify the person standing outside. The inside panel is also kept with opening the lock of the outside Gate. Video door phone services in Chandigarh are having many different features which are good for home safety.

Security levels

There are three security levels and the system:

  • Level 1 security is giving entrance to a person into a community entrance.
  • Level 2 security is giving entrance to the lobby of a complex by the owner of a flat.
  • Level 3 security is in which a person talks or communicates with the owner of house by the camera at the outdoor.

When there is a visitor at the outside door he or she can press a button on the door panel which is having a camera in it. That camera allowed the audio and visual to be seen at the inside panel of a phone. If the person inside the flat wants to continue having conversation with a person standing outside can open the door. If not you see the call and me and ask the person to leave.


When a person is buying, new home should install video door phones. That gives access to what is happening outside the gate. Does also provide safety to the person living in that house. People having high standard of living and care for their family usually install the equipment and their house. Though being costly these are life saving equipment. Even you, build flats, have the system in-built by the builders providing better safety for their customers. This even has emergency calling system in them whenever a person living inside house feels insecure. Video door phone services in Chandigarh not only available in Chandigarh but also will win in parts of kharar, Zirakpur, Mohali and Panchkula. All these areas are having services that provide safety to you and your family.

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