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A telephone exchange machine is a device that is used to create a personal network of calling within a Company, Group or hotel. A multiline system which is typically built for business forms, schools, hotels, etc. Where there is requirement of number of phones within the building. At those places Telephone Exchange machine services are used. They are KTS or PBX. TDS stands for Ketone system which are used in small ranging companies. Where is PBX is used in large system ranging companies, and it stands for private branch exchange? Rather than buying different landlines of phone numbers for each department. A single number can be bought for the company and with the help of Telephone Exchange machine.


The phones were transferred by manual means of method by using switch boards that was also a form of pbx in a company. Husband advancement of time the switch board were replaced by manual systems. Now me the price of a single button a call can be transferred from one computer to another. Buy this, the work has become easier and effective. Weather current innovation in pbx features like a conference call Programmable caller ID and call forwarding are added to it. So the telephone exchange machine services with TV X features are available at JK security solutions.

Basic types used:

  • Cloud-based Telephone Exchange machine services
  • On-premises system
  • Cell phone based

Cloud based Telephone Exchange machine services are those which are provided by cloud system basis. A virtual machine is not present at the office or the good place but provides same facilities as that of an actual machine.

On-premises system is a present hardware that is available at the office premises for the working.

Cell phone based system is that in which your cell phone is converted into a telephone exchange system by diverting those calls on to your cell phone.


A Hotel having a number of rooms for the customers and having departments can we interlinked by Telephone Exchange machine services. A single machine is being kept at the reception which is connected to each and every phone in rooms or departments. Buy these services it is easy to contact a room or department from the reception. Same from the room to the department or reception or to the other rooms.

A big firm having number of departments in it can again be connected by an exchange machine. By that each and every department can be interlinked by means of this service. Which department can be provided with an individual number through that system. And by pressing that number from phone particular department good we reached out.

Similar can be provided at school colleges or Institute for contacting different departments from anywhere in that particular Institute.

All these available at JK security solutions. Including Chandigarh telephone exchange machine services are also provided in Mohali, Zirakpur and Kharar. All this dealers are provided with our appliances and services. Any type of query or questions can be answered by these extensions.

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