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A device that projects a still or moving image on a surface or projection screen by means of optical is a projector. Commonly the projector uses a transparent lens that projects the image buy shiningly in light through the lens. But nowadays image is projected directly by using lasers by the projector. And the picture quality is made clear and more effective by using lasers. Retina projector all type of projectors that directly projects the image to the retina instead of using any type of projection screens. This type of projector service providers is available in Chandigarh. And this is provided by JK security solutions Chandigarh.


Shadows were used to perform Shadow place by using a light source. And the projections were made on a screen. Slowly this method made advancement and came into the world of modern projectors. Earlier a number of methods were used such as Chinese magic mirror, revolving lanterns, etc. In the earlier centuries images were mostly created by their Shadows which was known as shadowgraphy. Though Shadow plays did not had exact projection devices involved, but these were the start of the development of projectors. In 20th century low cost of one projector was made and sold in the market as a children's toy. Limelight was used in that projector as a source of light. The letter on halogen lamps and incandescent light bulbs took the place of that Limelight.

Types of projectors:

There are basically Three Types of projectors that are used. Those are as follows:

  • Real time projectors
  • Still image projectors
  • Moving images projectors

Real-time projectors: These types of projectors are mainly documentary cameras, overhead projectors, concave mirror, projectors opaque projectors, etc.

Still image projector: These are mainly magic Mirrors, magic lantern, slide projectors, enlarge.

Moving images projectors: these are movie projectors, video projector, hand-held projector, virtual retina display and trotting horse lamp. Moving images projectors are mainly used nowadays and are provided by JK security systems.


These projectors can be used as number of places and events. Even colleges, schools and institutes make use of projectors while making seminars or classes for their students or employees. Any demand for the projector for family functions and other cultural events. Colleges and school used projectors at the time of giving seminars to their students. Even lectures are given by means of projectors. By doing so the information to the students is conveyed very easily. At functions and parties projectors are used for displaying pictures and videos made during the function or before that. For making your events look good and memorable we are there in your services. So projector service providers in Chandigarh are available through JK security solutions.


All these projector are available at different locations in the Tri City area. We have dealers around Mohali, Zirakpur, Panchkula and Kharar. Any type of queries or questions regarding projector services are available at these places including Chandigarh. Top Quality Services are provided at these places by the JK security solutions.

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