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A device that provides authentication and identification for the security purposes by means of facial images, voice recognition fingerprints or Iris is a biometric device. By the means of behaviour characteristics or physiological of a living person for the purpose of identification these machines use automated methods. This machine or devices can measure a number of characteristics present in human body. Analyzing voice of a person or recognizing finger or face or a retina can be used for security on locking of opening a device. These types of biometric access control machine services in Chandigarh are provided with each and every equipment.


Earlier biometric devices were also used as people used to record fingerprints on clay tablets and verify them if needed at the time of analysis. Automatic biometric machines or devices were introduced first in the 1960s. It was the FBI who first made innovation in automation in biometric devices as they needed a criminal record for each and every criminal. So they kept all that required by these machines or devices. In that first system it had limitations. As it only measured the shape of the hand close the length of the fingers. But this system was discontinued by the time of the 1980s, but it gave birth to the present biometric devices.

Types of devices

There are a number of devices that uses different type of human characteristics for authentication. Those are as follows:

Chemical biometric devices: these devices analyse the chemical, or we can say that DNA testing is done before giving authorization to the users.

Auditory biometric devices: this type of device is used voice recognition commands of a speaker by matching the tone of a person they grant access to the user.

Visual biometric devices: the devices that analyses the faces, retina or finger of a person for giving authentication to a user are under this category.

These are the major types biometric devices that are available in the market. Biometric access control machines in Chandigarh can be easily found there.


Cooperative offices are having a number of employees. For keeping a record of each and every employee biometric devices are used. By these devices they keep storage of their information. They're in and out timings are also monitored by these devices. By this management of a number of employees becomes easy and less time consuming. Some safes lockers are also with biometric access. They keep our belonging safe inside them and do not allow anyone to access those. These devices use biometric gestures for granting access. Finding biometric access control machine services in Chandigarh providing all this facilities is given by J. K security solutions.


JK security solutions have all the types of biometric devices available. We are also available Mohali, Kharar, Panchkula and Zirakpur. Providing all the services including installation repair and maintenance all these places. Any type of complaint or queries can be answered by contacting us. Complete biometric access control machine services are provided to our customers with full satisfaction.

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